Marshall and Valerie

To say these two are in love is a complete understatement. Smitten, enamored, impassioned, captivated, entranced… I don’t quite think any of these words adequately describe the feelings Marshall and Valerie have for each other. I first met Valerie a few years ago when I did her senior portraits. I gave her some outfit ideasContinue reading “Marshall and Valerie”

Charreadas: The Culture, The Tradition, and The Art Form

Charreadas are events filled to the brim with tradition. From the clothing the Charros wear to the tack the horses carry, each item is a piece of living history. I have been fortunate enough to not only witness but photograph a few of these events and each time I attend I learn a little moreContinue reading “Charreadas: The Culture, The Tradition, and The Art Form”

Digital Photography Etiquette

So you’ve had your session, been to the horse show, and have purchased your digital images. What exactly can you do with them now? Let me help clear up a few things about the age of digital photography that some people just may not know. Digital MediaYou’ve recently attended a horse show and have beenContinue reading “Digital Photography Etiquette”

Equine Photography Clinic

By now it’s no secret that photography and horses are two of my great passions in life, but another lesser known passion of mine is teaching others. On April 11th, 2021 I will be teaching an Equine Photography Clinic for those interested in taking their equine photography to the next level. Sound like something youContinue reading “Equine Photography Clinic”

Preparing for Your Session

So you’ve researched and chosen your photographer, paid your booking fee, picked a date- Now what? Well now it’s time to prepare for your session, of course! I’m going to offer you some tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your photo session. Freshen up your groundworkThere’s nothing more frustrating forContinue reading “Preparing for Your Session”

How I got here

People often ask me, “What started your love of photography?” I can remember being very small- maybe 4 or 5 years old- and looking over my grandfather’s collection of National Geographic magazines in the dark upstairs hallway of his house. I remember the awe that I felt with each new photograph those magazines presented toContinue reading “How I got here”