Young Black Equestrians: The Passion, Culture and Lifestyle of Black Horsemanship

When I heard about Abriana’s latest endeavors along with the help of her friend Caitlin I couldn’t help but get excited. It’s no secret that the professional horse world is dominated by predominantly white equestrians, with black riders struggling to even appear on show circuits despite there being no lack of talent, passion, and drive.Continue reading “Young Black Equestrians: The Passion, Culture and Lifestyle of Black Horsemanship”

Abriana: Autumn Goddess

Where to even start with this session, other than FIRE. This stunning woman and I have been planning this session for literally months. We have gone back and forth about outfits, hair styles, horse training, lighting, weather, hay fields and hurricanes. We scheduled and rescheduled, got heat waved out and hurricaned out and finally, FINALLYContinue reading “Abriana: Autumn Goddess”

Baby T and the Cavvietta Queen

As soon as I heard that Gracie was expecting a baby I just knew that I needed to take her maternity pictures. When I suggested the idea to her, she was a little hesitant. As busy as she is all the time working a full time job and helping to run her cattle operation atContinue reading “Baby T and the Cavvietta Queen”