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Marshall and Valerie

To say these two are in love is a complete understatement. Smitten, enamored, impassioned, captivated, entranced… I don’t quite think any of these words adequately describe the feelings Marshall and Valerie have for each other. I first met Valerie a few years ago when I did her senior portraits. I gave her some outfit ideasContinue reading “Marshall and Valerie”

Young Black Equestrians: The Passion, Culture and Lifestyle of Black Horsemanship

When I heard about Abriana’s latest endeavors along with the help of her friend Caitlin I couldn’t help but get excited. It’s no secret that the professional horse world is dominated by predominantly white equestrians, with black riders struggling to even appear on show circuits despite there being no lack of talent, passion, and drive.Continue reading “Young Black Equestrians: The Passion, Culture and Lifestyle of Black Horsemanship”

Ryan Wensel

There are some jobs in this world that take passion before all else. Jobs that require incredible amounts of knowledge, strength, and downright grit to get done. Being a farrier is one of those jobs. It is absolute backbreaking work with just enough danger to make me more than appreciative that someone else is theContinue reading “Ryan Wensel”


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