About Catrina Williams

Photography has been a passion of mine from my earliest days. I remember being around 10 or 11 years old and using up the exposures on my parent’s disposable cameras faster than they could shake a stick. I’d always set up scenes with my collection of Breyer horses trying to recreate the images I would see in my favorite horsey books and magazines. As you can imagine, the results were less than stellar and certainly did not match the vision I had for them in my head. When I had the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming a photographer who works almost exclusively with horses and their people, I didn’t hesitate to dive headfirst.

Horses are my first true love and what I gravitate towards in my work- they are what excites me the most creatively speaking. I relish in capturing the beauty that is the animal and showcasing the free nature of horses that draws so many people in and gets them hooked for life. Seeing my clients reactions when I deliver their galleries gives me purpose and drives me to create images that horse owners will cherish for a lifetime.

I live in the quaint community of Plain View, North Carolina. We own two equines as a family: My daughter’s adorable Shetland Pony, Rainbow, and my big, loveable mule named George. In my free time you can find me finessing my arena work on George or driving Rainbow across open fields with my daughter.

I would love nothing more than to learn about your own horses and discuss the vision you have in mind for your session. I travel all over North Carolina, into southern Virginia and northern South Carolina. Fill out the contact form below and tell me how you would like to be reached – by phone, text, or e-mail – and we can set up a time to talk about all of the services I have to offer.

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